Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Well House Cat and Other Fighters

Here's the Well House Cat -- Laila! Named after Laila Ali - the fighter. Our Laila was as "big as your thumb" when we found her screaming her lungs out. Her litter mates were dead. We fed her, tried to keep her warm and she grew. She's not very big now even as an adult. She never says a word -- just squeaks and she never seems to be warm enough but she's a fighter and we have learned much from her. Speaking of fighters and lesson givers, Mother will be released from the hospital today. Looks like she may have had a nasty virus. Otherwise, she's in pretty good health. Way to fight back, Mom!
And then there's Geoff. Geoff goes in for knee surgery today. He faces recovery, rehab and hard work to reach his goals. I am confident that with the love of his family, the support of his friends and most importantly, Geoff's own inner strength he will succeed.

I am very fortunate indeed to be surrounded by so many inspirational fighters.
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